Unwrapped Gift

"Christ, Catherine!" Jason growled, long past the ability to maintain his calm. "You can't just drop this on me at the last minute!"

"This?" His ex-wife's voice was shrill through the tiny cell phone speaker. "We're talking about your daughter, not a crisis. And might I remind you that it is her birthday this weekend?"

Jason grit his teeth. Alicia was always his daughter when she was acting out or, God forbid, between Catherine and something she wanted. She was definitely their daughter when she made the cheer leading team at her high school. She was his daughter again when she'd been kicked off that team after getting caught shoplifting for the third time.

And it wasn't like he didn't want to spend time with his daughter. It was just that Alicia was, to be polite, a handful. She had been for years, ever since puberty kicked in and all her sweetness and common sense seemed to take a hike. Now, at eighteen, she was... well... a crisis might be too strong a word, but certainly she took a great deal of energy.

That was energy he had in short supply lately.

"I know that, but you can't expect me to just drop everything and rearrange my plans because you can't get your shit together!" He shot back, trying not to crush the delicate device in his hand. The headache that had been brewing all day at work was back in full force.

Catherine's voice turned frosty. "Well, excuse me if I think that my career is important."

As if his wasn't. Catherine never understood what he did as an information security specialist or how taxing the job could be. As far as she was concerned, he just 'played on the computer all day'. This sudden, oh-so-necessary business trip of hers was, he suspected, more a chance to get sweaty between some Hilton sheets with her boss than any real chance of promotion.

The ad agency she worked for was one of the biggest in the area and she had been wanting to move up the ladder for years. To that end, a ladder wasn't the only thing she had been willing to climb. There were a lot of very good reasons they were divorced and Catherine's wandering eye (and other parts) was a big one.

"Fine," he bit out after a long moment to settle his irritation. If he pushed the issue, he knew she'd have lawyers involved before he could say 'custody dispute'. "I'll figure it out. Just make sure you have her here before seven tomorrow night."

"Of course." Now that she'd gotten what she wanted, she was all smiles; he could hear it in her voice. God, he hated that sound.

"I mean it. You show up at 7:05 and I won't be here."

"I said, we'll be on time, Jason. Don't be a dick."

Friday evening at 7:03, Jason stood in his driveway, shifting from foot to foot and snarling curses under his breath. She did this just to annoy him, he was sure of it. If he were a betting man, he'd say she was waiting just down the block somewhere, counting off the seconds until he blew his stack.

Jason was not a violent man, but he allowed himself a few less civilized fantasies as his ex-wife's stylish sedan cruised up his street and pulled into his drive. From those few feet away, he could see Catherine behind the wheel trying not to look pleased with herself. In the back seat, he could just glimpse the top of a blonde head where his daughter slouched. From her posture, he was guessing she was no happier about this arrangement than he was. Wonderful.

The last few years had been rough on Jason's relationship with Alicia. She was born high spirited and opinionated; traits that only got more pronounced when hormones kicked in at thirteen. Her older brother, Val was much, much easier. Maybe it was because Val was a boy and Jason understood how boys thought and acted. Girls were a whole other planet of moods and emotions he just didn't grasp. A fault that may have played a large part in the dissolution of his marriage.

You know... maybe.

"Nice of you to show up," Jason greeted Catherine when she rolled down her window. Couldn't be bothered to actually step out of the car, oh no. She was much too busy and he was so far beneath her.

"Don't start with me. I've had a very long afternoon." She flicked her gaze none-too-subtly toward Alicia who glared at them both from the back seat. Her bright green eyes glowed with irritation. It was a look Jason knew well. Catherine created that look and Alicia seemed to be in the business of perfecting it.

"Let's go, kiddo," Jason called to her, ignoring his ex. He watched his daughter's eyes roll and heard her huff the huff of a put upon teenager forced to spend time with her least favorite parent. His fault, he knew. He only saw her every other weekend, per Catherine's legal request, although he really hadn't fought it all that hard. "We're burning daylight."

"What does that even mean?" Alicia sniped as she climbed out of the car, slung a backpack onto one shoulder and hefted a suitcase from the seat beside her. Her blond hair shone in the sunlight and the pink halter top and white shorts she wore hugged her tanned form nicely. The kid was a knock out, no question about it. Catherine might be a shrew and their marriage might have been a disaster, but they made damn fine-looking kids together. "Nobody says that anymore and besides, it's night time."

In truth, and even though it made him some special kind of asshole, he'd been relieved to realize Alicia's birthday fell on one of her mother's weekends, this year. He had still planned to see her, of course - after all, his little girl only turned eighteen once - and had a gift picked out long in advance, but he also really enjoyed the notion that he could leave when and if things got tense. Like they were now.

This was going to be such a lovely weekend. Jason heaved a sigh and turned his gaze toward Catherine who was already shifting the car into reverse.

He hoped her boss gave her crabs.

"Bye, honey! Happy birthday! I'll call you!" Catherine called to Alicia who tossed something like a wave over her shoulder in reply. "Goodbye, Jason."

"Bye," he said and turned to follow Alicia inside. Catherine was gone well before he closed the front door behind him.

His house was on the small side, just two bedrooms, with two baths, an office, living room, and kitchen. Alicia generally took the guest room when she stayed over for his visitation weekends and Val took the pull out sofa in the office. Val was twenty and away at college more than he was home these days. Jason kind of wished Val was with them this weekend. With Val he had a buffer for Alicia's unpredictable moods. His son had some kind of calming effect on the girl. It was like magic.

"So," he ventured as he leaned against the doorway to the spare room and watched her dump her bags into the closet. So much for unpacking. "You want to make a run to the grocery store? I grabbed some snacks for the weekend, but thought you might like to pick out your cake?"

"I get a cake?" She asked, still huffy, and flung herself down to sit on the bed.

"Of course," He answered, frowning at her. "Why wouldn't you? It's your birthday."

"Not like you or mom actually care."

Jason grit his teeth, counted to five, and answered as calmly as he could. "That's not true. I love you and I had every intention of seeing you this weekend even before your mom got called away. And I know she wanted to be here, but she's got that important conference with her boss."

Alicia snorted and muttered something that sounded suspiciously like 'booty call'. He tried not to smirk. His daughter was a handful, alright, and very little escaped her notice.

"I'm eighteen, Dad!" She yelled, face flushing with anger. "I should be able to do whatever I want for my birthday! It's not fair I can't spend it with my friends."

"You're still in high school and living at home with your mother. Until those things are no longer true, you have to have some kind of supervision. We've been through this."

Alicia's academic progress imploded right around the time Jason's marriage to her mother took a nosedive. They tried sending her to a child psychologist, but his too sharp daughter just ran rings around the dopey woman while her grades continued to slip, her attendance at school dropped rapidly, and her visits to the juvenile detention center increased. She'd been forced to repeat her sophomore year as a result of all the trouble, barely scraped by on her second go at it, then fell out again her junior year. She was, he sincerely hoped, graduating as a senior this year. Long after her classmates.

It was a tough situation for a willful kid. It wasn't exactly a picnic for her parents, either.

"Look, sweetie, I know this is hard-"

"What do you know about it?" Alicia demanded, getting to her feet and gesturing wildly.

"You don't know anything about me. You barely even see me! You don't give a damn about me and I am not sure you ever did!"

That got his attention. He scowled and pushed off the door, stepping into the room and looming over the angry teen. Even though she was a grown woman, he still towered over her by nearly a foot. She'd inherited his wife's short stature along with her curvaceous figure. It was a combination that ensured she'd be spending a great deal of money on high heels over the course of her life, but she would always, always have men's attention.

She certainly had his, now, although it had nothing to do with her tits and ass.

"You want to be treated like an adult then start acting like one, damn it!" He shouted and her words trailed off in surprise. She was used to him being the even-tempered one out of her parents. Shouting was more her mother's thing than his - he tried to be the fun dad, damn it - but with the stress he was under at work and the headache still thrumming behind his eyes, well... he'd had it. "You're here for the weekend whether you like it or not and I'll be damned if I'm going to spend it listening to you throw a tantrum for the next two days."


He wasn't in the mood to listen anymore. "Get changed and get your ass in bed. We'll talk more tomorrow when you can act like something other than a spoiled brat."

Even though she looked a bit more timid than she had earlier, she still found her voice to protest. "But, it's not even eight o'clock!"

"I. Don't. Care." He snarled, taking a step closer and watching as she took a step back. "Maybe I'm the world's worst dad, but I'm still your dad and you will listen to me. I'm tired and I do not have the energy for this. Bed. You. Now."

He turned and stormed out of the room, slamming the door solidly behind him. He winced. Damn it. He'd spent the whole day coaching himself on staying calm in the face of teen angst and being supportive for her this weekend, but after a few acerbic words from her mouth, all he wanted to do was put her over his knee. That... hmmm.

Jason shook his head sharply, ignoring the spasms of pain that shot through his temples at the motion. That was not something he needed to be thinking about right now. Damn, he must have been sicker than he thought. Painkillers, sleep, and then maybe tomorrow would be better.

The room was dark and the house quiet when Jason woke a few hours later. His headache had dimmed to nearly gone. He stretched, took a deep breath, and released it slowly. Before he even fell asleep, he already felt bad about the blow up with Alicia. Yeah, she was acting like a brat, but he was supposed to be the responsible one. He should know better than to lose his temper. It wasn't like he didn't have practice dealing with her mood swings.

And, if he was being fair, she did have a little bit of a point. Not that he didn't love her, he did. Maybe he could be a little more active in her life, though. He was going to have to talk to Catherine. They could arrange more visits. The visitation agreement had been drawn up immediately after the divorce when tempers were still flaring. Given Catherine's new found interest in career advancement, plus the fact that Alicia would soon be graduating high school and beyond needing any kind of custody arrangements, he bet his ex would jump at the chance to change some things.

That wouldn't help him with this weekend, though.

Jason sighed and got to his feet, stretching again as he walked barefoot, clad only in boxers and a t-shirt to his door and opened it softly. Ordinarily, with Alicia in the house, he'd be strict about being fully clothed any time he stepped out of his bedroom, but as late as it was, he decided not to bother. He just wanted to check on her and then he'd be going right back to bed.

At first, he thought all was quiet in the house, but after a moment he realized there was a faint light and voice coming from Alicia's room. A glance at the clock on his dresser told him it was just past one in the morning.

He walked out into the hallway and down to her door. At the door, he paused and heard her soft voice. It was too faint to understand the words, but he recognized Alicia's voice and then her laughter. The only way to describe it was... sexy. That was not a sound he ever heard her make before.

Unable to resist, he grasped the door knob and turned it very slowly, quietly, and pushed the door open a tiny crack. Oh.


Jason blinked several times, unable to tear his gaze away from what he was seeing. The faint light under the door was given by a three wick, jar candle burning brightly on the bedside table. Apparently, it was one of those scented candles. The smell of birthday cake hung sweet and thick in the room.

There on her bed was Alicia. She was lying on her left side, feet toward the bedroom door, facing the dresser where her laptop sat open. There was enough of a dim glow from the screen that he could tell it was on. All of that registered as a dim second to the fact that his little girl was naked. Completely, utterly, beautifully, naked.

Her wavy blond hair hung loose over her bare shoulders. His gaze traced the line of her spine and the sweet, perfect curve of her ass. One leg was bent and held wide with one hand, giving what he could only assume was her online audience a gloriously unobstructed view of her pussy while her other hand worked the thick end of a red, tapered candle in and out of her.

"Ooooh," she whispered and licked her lips, never taking her eyes from the laptop. "Fuck, I'm so close..."

Jason's breath caught. In the back of his mind, he knew he should put a stop to this. Somewhere, maybe all over the world, there were people watching his baby girl fuck herself and she was entirely too comfortable in front of the camera to be performing like this for the first time. Hell, she was a little too comfortable with that candle inside her, too.

He reached a hand down to press against his crotch, trying in vain to slow the reaction he knew he shouldn't be having. His cock, swelling hard and fast inside his boxers, ached. Every breathless whine from that bed shot straight to his groin and made him throb with want.

"Fuuuuuck," Alicia gasped, her hips rocking up off the bed as she fucked herself hard and fast with the candle shaft. The twisting expression on her face, tightly closed eyes, and wide, panting lips, along with the slick, glistening red candle sliding in and out of her tight pussy made it clear she'd reached her climax.

Jason watched her cum, almost unconsciously stroking himself through his boxers. His eyes never left the candle, watching it plunge into her. He'd forgotten the online audience and forgotten that the pussy he was aching for was so very off limits. All he could think was how good it would feel to sink into her and ride to his own orgasm.

Alicia rolled slowly onto her back, laughing breathlessly, breasts heaving as she came down from her high. She left her legs splayed wide, although from that angle, Jason was the only one who got a good view. The laptop was only seeing her profile.

She slipped the candle from inside her and turned her face back toward the camera, smiling a lazy smile as she brought the warm wax to her lips and licked it clean. A shiver ran through Jason and he gave the head of his cock, peeking through the slit in his boxers, a squeeze to hold back. It was one thing to quietly watch his nineteen year old daughter pleasure herself; it was another thing entirely to get caught jerking off while doing it. He was about to step away and go back to his room when he heard her soft voice again.

"Okay, boys and girls." Alicia got slowly sat up and leaned over, pursing her lips and blowing out the birthday cake scented candle. "Thanks for celebrating my birthday with me." She padded unselfconsciously to her dresser, leaning forward so that her sweet, full breasts bounced toward the screen and back. She smiled seductively and winked at the camera, then tapped a key, presumably to end the video.

Jason didn't wait to see what would happen next. He hurried back to his room, his gait awkward with the raging hard on between his legs. He silently closed his bedroom door and leaned back against it, breathing deep, ragged breaths and trying to wrap his mind around what he'd seen... and how he'd reacted.

"Not good," he breathed even as his hand moved to free his weeping cock from his shorts. Jason knew it was wrong, but he couldn't stop himself from remembering every breathy sigh and every roll of those hips while he stroked himself to a quick, desperately needed release.

Yeah, this was going to be a very difficult weekend, indeed.

Jason woke very early the next morning. Before his mind had been blown by his daughter's after hours peep show, he'd been planning to get up and shop early for a birthday cake to surprise her. He did want to apologize for their fight the night before and he figured a few hours out in the fresh air would clear his head. It hadn't. When he returned and didn't stumble upon another recording he was actually a little disappointed. Christ, there really was something wrong with him.

A quick check of Alicia's room found her sleeping peacefully. After the night she had, he wasn't surprised that she slept deep and sound. He didn't go so far as to check under the blankets, but he was pretty sure she was no longer naked. There was a strip of blue across her shoulder that he was pretty sure was a spaghetti strap to a pair of pajamas.

The laptop was closed on her dresser and the birthday cake candle was still on the bedside table. The red candle was nowhere to be seen. He knew he didn't have any in the house, so she must have brought it with her from home. It made him wonder what else she had hidden away in her bags.

"Down, boy," he muttered to himself and pulled her door closed.

Back in the kitchen, he carefully cut a slice of the chocolate cake, the thick buttercream icing giving off a scent so similar to the candle that had haunted his dreams the night before. He swallowed hard, shoved that thought aside and arranged the cake slice on a small plate. One, perfect, pink buttercream rose crowned it. He pressed a birthday candle in just beneath the rose, pocketed a cigarette lighter, and carried the plate and a fork back to his daughter's room.

Quietly, he crept back into the room and sat down on the edge of her bed. He reached over with his free hand and set it on her shoulder to shake her gently. "Rise and shine, birthday girl."

Alicia started slightly and blinked her eyes open, looking sleepily up at him. It took a moment for the confusion to shift into remembered anger and then wariness. Her gaze fell on the cake and she raised an eyebrow. "Cake? In bed?"

"Why not? You're an adult, right?" He smiled, hoping like hell that his face didn't show any of what he was thinking. Those words and this room and the smell of sugar... he shifted slightly.

"That's not what you said last night," she reminded him carefully, sitting up in bed. Her blanket slipped down to pool at her waist. Yeah, that was a spaghetti strap top she was wearing. The baby blue fabric was tight across every curve. Moving from the heat under the blanket to the cooler air of the room, her nipples tightened and pushed forward.

He forced his eyes to meet hers and swallowed before he answered, as casually as he could. "I know and I'm sorry about the yelling. Honestly, I was just a little hurt that you didn't think I'd want to spend your birthday with you." When she started to speak he held his hand up and continued quickly, "And I know why you did. You and me... we haven't spent as much time together as we should have and that's my fault. I want you to know that I'm going to talk to your mom as soon as I see her again and we're going to make new arrangements."

"Yeah?" He could see the corners of her mouth trying to turn up in a smile. He grinned and nodded. "What kind of arrangements?"

"More time," he answered with a little self-conscious shrug. "Thinking maybe add some weeks in, instead of just a weekend here and there. If you'd want that..."

She nodded slowly, smiling for real now. "I'd like that."

"Me, too, baby." Jason produced the cigarette lighter from his pocket with a flourish and lit the birthday candle. His grin widened when Alicia laughed and sat up straighter, eyeing the cake and candle with delight. "Make a wish."

Alicia took a breath and held it, face a picture of concentration for a few seconds, before she leaned in a bit and blew gently on the tiny candle.

"What'd you wish for?" He asked, holding out the fork.

"Can't tell you," she answered playfully, ignoring the fork for a moment as she pulled the candle from the cake and sucked the frosting from the shaft.

Jesus. She was going to kill him. He took a steadying breath. "Why not?"

"Because, it won't come true!" She plucked the fork and plate from his hands and took a bite of the cake, moaning happily.

Yeah, it was time to go.

"I'm gonna start breakfast. Come on in when you're ready," he told her and didn't exactly bolt from the room. It was close, though.

Breakfast passed without incident. Alicia was bubbly. happy, and fully dressed, thank God, delighting over the stack of chocolate chip pancakes he presented. Jason listened indulgently, interjecting when necessary, but mostly just enjoying her chatter. He loved her like this... open and playful. It was like it used to be, when she was young and still very much a daddy's girl.

No, he definitely didn't want to go down that mental road right now. Not after he'd spent the morning rationalizing what had happened the night before. As long as he was only watching, he told himself, then he wasn't doing anything really terrible.

"Ready for presents?" He asked as he dropped the last of the breakfast dishes into the sink to clean later.

"Are you kidding? I'm always ready for presents!" Alicia bounced in her seat and Jason did his best not to linger on how that made her breasts move under her shirt. "What'd you get me?"

"C'mon in the living room and find out." Jason swept past her, pausing to tug on one lock of silky hair and laughed when she swatted at his hand, before he disappeared into the living room. His original idea for birthday gifts had been a new mp3 player and a gift card to the mall which, while not terrible gifts, were more impersonal than he wanted. He'd make a second stop while he was out getting her cake to pick up something else.

They sat on the couch and he passed her a medium sized, brightly wrapped box. He held his breath and watched her tear into the wrapping. Inside, she found a brand new digital camera. It wasn't strictly top of the line, not professional, but he'd spent a fair bit more on it than he planned to. It took photos as well as videos in incredibly high definition and had ample storage for... whatever she might decide to record.

"Wow!" Her eyes lit up as she scanned the box, noting the variety of features. After a moment, her face turned a shade pinker. "What, uh, what made you pick this?"

It was the perfect moment to tell her what he'd seen. He could come clean and leave everything on the table. Let her decide if she ever wanted to come back to his house or pretend she'd never heard of him. He took a breath.

And lied.

"I just thought, well, you're a senior this year. You're going to be doing so many big things... prom, senior trips... I figured you'd want a way to keep those memories."

"Right." Alicia smiled, looking a little more relaxed and maybe a little speculative. "I'll send you copies so you don't miss anything."

He nodded. "I'd like that. Just remember, we're spending more time together starting now, right?"

"You bet!" She leaned in and kissed his cheek. "Thanks, Daddy."

Whatever else he might have said to that was moot when her phone rang. Alicia snatched the device from the coffee table and peered at the display. "It's Jessica. I'll be right back, okay?"

Jason nodded and watched her disappear with the phone and camera. Jessica was Alicia's best friend and had been since they were in kindergarten. The two were practically sisters, even now. He had been a little surprised that the other girl kept in touch after she graduated and Alicia hadn't. Less surprising was his daughter's return a few moments later, pleading to be allowed to have a birthday lunch with her friend.

It was on the tip of Jason's tongue to refuse. They'd only just been talking about spending more time together and her birthday really was the perfect place to start. Of course, refusing might not be very conducive to that relaxed, fun weekend he'd been hoping for. Another though struck him, then, and he felt his pulse jump. With her out of the house, hmm...

"Sure, kiddo. Just don't spend all day out, okay?" He flashed a lopsided smile. "Your old man wants to see you, too."

She laughed and flung her arms around his neck, sprawling haphazardly and nearly in his lap. "I promise. Thank you!"

Jason hugged her, pressing his nose into her soft hair and breathing deeply of the apples and cherry scent of her shampoo. She was nearly vibrating with excitement, which did nothing to help him keep himself in check. He could feel the soft curves of her breasts crushed against his chest. Her ass was precariously close to sitting directly on his cock where it was starting to stir with every breath he took of her scent. Jason bit back a groan thinking of her ass and his cock and how much he resented the layers of fabric between them right now.

"Okay, okay," he forced a strangled laugh and patted her arms, trying to move her to put some space between their bodies. "Go get ready. Is she picking you up?"

"Yep!" Alicia didn't let go immediately and her happy bounce of confirmation drew a grunt in response. It was his imagination - had to be his imagination - that she was that she was putting more wiggle into the hug than strictly necessary. "Can I take my camera?"

"It's yours, baby. Do what you want with it." He hoped she had no idea just how serious he was about that.

Alicia beamed a smile at him and wriggled off his lap, snatched up the camera, and disappeared down the hall to her room. By the time Jason heard Jessica honk her car horn outside, he'd managed to get his hard on to wilt enough to see his daughter out. Calling a last admonition to the girls to be careful, he waved until they backed out of the driveway and disappeared down the street. Then, he turned back inside.

Jason rested his forehead on the cool wood of the door, feeling his pulse race in both his chest and his cock. Every heart beat sent an answering throb downstairs that made him want to rip off all his clothes and jerk himself off right then and there. He had one thing he wanted to do, first.

He turned down the hall and walked into Alicia's room. Clothes were strewn here and there, which he noted and then dismissed. He'd given a fleeting thought to snatching a pair of her panties, but panties had never really been his thing. He much preferred what was in them. Besides, with her limited clothes supply at his house, a missing pair would be noticed, more likely than not.

The laptop still sat on the dresser and he opened it, powering it on. Part of him had been worried he'd be thwarted by password protection, but to his surprise, the machine booted up right to the desktop. He laughed a moment later when he realized why. The entire desktop was littered with files, folders, and assorted digital junk. He recognized some folders that seemed to be homework related, some that appeared to be related to celebrities and bands Alicia liked. Jason could imagine his ex-wife getting a notion to check up on their daughter by snooping on her laptop, but abandoning that plan quickly when faced with this wall of information.

"That's my girl," he chuckled, moving the mouse pointer to the menu button. Catherine might have been daunted, but he did deeper digging every day at work. Just never on his own kids.

It took next to no time at all to find the program she used to record herself and the site she uploaded the video to. Jason made note of it and then started to search the laptop's saved files for any more suspicious looking videos. He found seven files that seemed promising and, after a moment's struggle with his conscience, emailed them to himself.

Finished with his search, he very carefully made sure there were no indications he'd ever been on the laptop and shut it down. He was fully hard before the slim machine was even completely dark.

His heart raced and his hand sweat where it clutched the paper with the site's address. In the office, he closed the door behind him, sat down at his desk and booted up his own computer. The site was set up like any other pay-for-porn site he'd ever seen. He signed up for a user account under a fake name, plugged in his credit card info without a second thought, and then searched through the salacious offerings. The keywords 'birthday' and 'red candle' brought him what he needed.

The video was filed under the name of Candie Buttons. His daughter's face smoldered at him from Candie's profile listing her as having an "insatiable pussy that is as sweet as her smile." So far, Candie had only a small handful of videos and Jason was pretty sure he knew how the last one ended.

"Christ," he breathed, staring at her profile picture. The shot was from the waist up, with Alicia's blonde hair pulled into two braids, one on either side of her head. She wore a cotton candy-pink, push up bra that was cut to show just a teasing hint of the top of her nipples. Her pink lips were wrapped around a red Blow Pop that was being used to full effect, if her concave cheeks were to be believed. "Fuck," he whispered again.

This was wrong on every level. His baby girl shouldn't be recording herself doing sexual things and he most definitely should not be moving the mouse with his trembling hand to click on her most recent video. Except, she was and he was and his cock strained against the zipper of his jeans in anticipation.

"Happy birthday to me," Alicia sang on the video. The site informed him that it was a recording of a previously live stream, just as he'd expected. "Good evening, boys." She was sitting on the edge of her bed, legs crossed, leaning back with her arms braced behind her. A deep red, lacy nightie hugged her body in all the right places and her posture only served to thrust her breasts more forward.

"Where did she get that?" He wondered, letting his gaze rake over the lingerie. Her mother sure as fuck hadn't bought it. That, he knew for damn sure.

"Oh!" On the video, he saw her look down, apparently reading something on the laptop screen. "Good evening boys and girls!" She looked back up, lifted a hand and waved, giggling. "I'm so glad you're all here to help me celebrate."

Jason groaned and cupped a hand over his aching crotch. He gave his cock a squeeze, his mind's eye picturing men and women sitting at their computers, watching his little girl.

On the screen, Alicia struck a match and leaned over, using it to light the birthday cake candle's three wicks. "See, at midnight tonight, I turned nineteen and, for days, people have been asking me... what do you want for your birthday?"

She looked up from the candle, flicking the match aside and stretching back once more, giving a luscious view down the length of her body. The lace was sheer and in the flickering candle light, he could see her pale, brown nipples were tight under the nightie.

"I couldn't exactly tell them that the thing I wanted most was to have a thick, hard cock pounding my pussy, now could I?" Alicia giggled. "So, I told them whatever. My mom got me an iPod." On the screen, Alicia rolled her eyes and Jason was glad he changed his gift idea, even if he had picked out the new gift with... less than pure intentions. "My big brother slipped me a bottle of rum, because he's the best." Alicia held her finger to her lips and made a shhhh sound. "Don't tell anybody."

"And my dad," she continued, her full lips turning down into a pout, "Just told me I was a brat and sent me to bed without anything!"

Jason winced, his ardor cooling a little when he remembered that it was exactly what he'd done. Yeah, he definitely could have handled it better. Still, they were making progress today, weren't they? Incredibly awkward hugs notwithstanding.

His breath caught as he watched the recording of his daughter roll over onto her belly, arms stretched out across the bed, back to the camera, bent over the edge of the bed with her bare ass on full display. Her legs were tight together so he couldn't see everything, but oh, he could see plenty.

"Maybe he should have spanked me?" She mused, peeking back over her shoulder and shimmying her ass a bit. "What do you think?"

She reached a hand back and have one cheek a sharp slap. A red outline of her slim hand appeared on her pale flesh. Jason moaned and squeezed himself again. He nearly jumped out of his chair when he heard his daughter's voice ask, "Do you like that, Daddy?"

It took long seconds for him to relax after he realized the voice was still from the recording. He settled back in the seat, spreading his legs wide and reaching for his zipper. It shouldn't have sounded so good to hear her sweet voice say 'Daddy' like that, but he was fucked if it didn't. And when she continued to spank herself, moaning again and again for her 'Daddy', he knew his zipper wasn't going to stand a chance if he didn't set his cock free very soon.

On the screen, Alicia continued to spank herself until both cheeks glowed with a faint, redness. Then she spread her legs slowly. Inch by inch, her pussy came into view, folds already glistening from her desire. She squirmed on the bed, arms pulling back through the tiny shoulder straps of the nightie and letting the lace pool at her waist. It was little more than a belt at this point and Jason couldn't tear his gaze away from every bit of smooth skin she revealed.

On the video, she arched her back and ground herself against the edge of the bed, hips swaying in slow, rocking motions as if a lover knelt behind her, fucking her slowly. She whined and squirmed, obviously not getting what she needed merely from writhing around.

Jason couldn't hold back any longer. He gripped his cock at the base and started to stroke, slow, long motions that built his need higher. His eyes never left the screen as his beautiful daughter rolled slowly once more, sitting up straight, her legs still wide, breasts swaying with her heavy breathing.

"Wanna see the present I got myself?" She breathlessly asked her audience and then got to her feet, letting the nightie fall to the floor, forgotten. She bent at the waist, thrusting her ass into the air and wiggling it teasingly as she rummaged in the bedside table drawer.

"Yesss," Jason hissed when he saw her straighten up and present the candle with a flourish. Getting a better view of it, he could see that it was not tapered like he thought the night before. The candle was about an inch in width from base to tip. The bottom of the candle had been carefully carved and smoothed to remove the sharp edge it'd come with.

"Bet you don't think a candle is much of a present, do you?" She grinned again, her playful smile turning searing. "And yeah, as a candle, it's not much. But..."

Alicia sat back down on the bed and held the candle by its tip. The base she raised to her lips, flicked her tongue across the 'head' teasingly for a second, then wrapped her lips around it and began to suck.

Eight inches of wax never looked so good.

Her cheeks hollowed and an obscene sound of sucking spilled out from his computer's speakers and filled his ears. His hand on his cock sped up, his mind blending the sounds and the touch of his hand to imagine what it would feel like to have her there, on her knees between his legs, her soft mouth suckling at his cock like it was candy. With images like that, he really wasn't going to last long.

On the screen, Alicia sucked and licked the candle. The red wax glimmered in the faint light, clearly slick from her ministrations. She made a real show of it, taking the shaft down deep in her throat... deeper than he ever would have imagined she could. That could only have been the result of practice; real practice. He wondered if it was strictly from candle play or had some lucky bastard been her practice tool?

The thought of her with some half-wit, teenage boy made his blood boil. He jerked his cock harder, imagining it. She was too good for them. Any of them.

A tiny string of saliva stretched between her lips and the candle head when she pulled it back and he watched it until it snapped, giving her mouth an even more slippery look. Alicia was breathing heavier now and he watched her tip over to the side with her head on the pillows. She stretched out on that side and then gripped one knee, bending her leg and spreading them wide. Just as he'd seen the night before.

"Bet it doesn't look so boring now," Alicia whispered, her eyes glassy with lust as she pushed the warm, wet tip of the candle into her waiting pussy. Her eyes rolled back and she gave a long, low groan as it filled her slowly.

Jason could feel his balls tightening while his hungry gaze watched that candle disappear inside his daughter. Last night, he'd been too shocked to truly enjoy the sight, but now, unobstructed, he could see every glorious detail. The video quality wasn't perfect and he spared half a second to be glad he'd paid out the extra cash for the better camera he bought her. Only half a second, though. His cock was in charge of his brain right now and all it wanted was to imagine sinking deep into that inviting pussy and thrusting until he could go no more.

On the screen, Alicia had released her knee and was using her free hand to twist and pull at one nipple. She pushed her breast toward her face and leaned toward it, her tongue just long enough to reach the tight little nub at the center and tease with just the tip.

"I wish," she panted, "One of you was here to help me out." Each word came on the heels of a pant or moan. "I need someone to suck my tits. Oh God, or my clit."

She whined and squirmed, bucking her hips and Jason came, those words on her sweet lips too much. He gave a long, loud groan. Cum splashed across his fist and he kept stroking himself hard and fast until every last drop was wrung out.

It had been a little while since he had someone in his bed and he had a lot of tension pent up. Last night's quick jerking off did more to add tension than it had to release it. That tension was all gone now and he sprawled in his chair, cock lying limp against his belly, cum drying everywhere, clothes in disarray, as he watched Alicia finish herself off in the video, just as he'd seen the night before. Good God, she was gorgeous. If she kept this up, she'd make a fortune online.

It was then he really accepted that he had absolutely no intention of ever trying to stop her. He reached his sticky hand up to click the mouse pointer on the 'subscribe' button on her profile. He couldn't wait for the next update. In the meantime, there were more uploaded videos to watch, plus the ones he found on Alicia's hard drive.

Jason smiled and reached for the tissue box on his desk to clean himself up. His baby girl would be home soon. Those other videos would have to wait.

The anticipation would make them better.

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