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  • How to Buy Chargers and Adaptors

    For as long as you are using rechargeable sex toys, chargers and adaptors will always be an important part of your preparations. Normally, your sex toy will come packaged with a charger. But like most other chargers, it might get lost, spoil after some time or you find that the charger head is not compatible with your wall socket and needs a power adapter. But in most cases when this happens, you are more likely to look for a backup from assortments of battery chargers, HDMI cables, A/V cables and a whole lot bunch at home. But just because it works does not mean it is really working effectively with your sex toy. Sex toy connections are not standardized and different manufacturers use different connectors. Therefore, to perverse the battery life of your sex toy, it is important that you get the right charger and adaptor.

    While it might seem simple to walk into the store and get a charger, buying the right charger and adaptor for your sex toy demands much more. Here are a few factors to consider when buying sex toy chargers and adaptors.

    Factors to Consider when Buying Chargers and Adaptors

    Charger Head Design

    Different countries in Europe have different standard charger head designs. Make sure you get a charger or adaptor that is compatible with your wall charging system. If your toy came with a charger designed for a different country, the charger adaptor must have one port that is compatible with your charger and the plug-pins compatible with your wall systems.

    Voltage and Amperage

    Not all chargers charge the same. The voltage (input) and amperage (output) determine the charging rate of your charger. So, you need to make sure the voltage and amperage of your new charger is compatible with your sex toy. In simple term, voltage is the energy going into your device. If it is too high, you risk blowing up your sex toy due to overloaded circuits. The voltage is usually written on the user manual or imprinted on the battery itself or the battery compartment. Amperage, commonly known as amps are the currents that are supplied to your toy. The amps regulate how much power goes through your toy from the power supply. Amps are usually imprinted on the power supply. For example, you will see the adaptor imprinted with 2.7A or 1A. The amps on your power supply should match or exceed the amps required by your device.

    Number of Toys you need to Charge

    When buying chargers and adaptors, think about how many of your toys you need to charge. Some chargers have more than one cable allowing you to charge several toys at the same time. There are also adaptors that have more than one port that you can insert several chargers simultaneously. If you have several devices with the same power amperage, a multi-cable charger will be a better option to save you money and time. For multiple devices with different amperage and voltage requirements, a charger adaptor with several ports will be more ideal.

    Please note that when choosing a multi-port charger, the total output must be higher than the total output required charging each device to the fullest. This will make sure the charging rate is not slowed down.

    Quality and Durability

    This quality depends on the quality and brand you choose. There are hundreds if not thousands of chargers and adaptors in the market, with most of them being counterfeit. You may have experience with a phone charger picked from the discount counter at the convenient store, only your phone took more hours to fully charge than usual. You also need to pay attention to the brand to avoid buying counterfeit products. Some indicators can include spelling errors on the packaging, incorrect abbreviations on the product description such as MA instead of mA. You might also notice UL listing symbols. An omitted brand name may also be a warning sign for counterfeit products. Price can be a good indicate of the quality of a product. Make sure to choose high quality sex toy chargers from reputable retailers like Peaches and Screams to ensure durability.

    Additionally, the quality of the charger cable also determines how quickly your sex toy is charged. High quality cables charge much more quickly. It also protects your toy from overheating and harmful power surges. Some chargers come with detachable cables while others have hard-wired pack which prevents loss of the cable.


    A warranty is a great document to authenticity a product. It is a guarantee of both quality and durability on the part of the manufacturer. Unless absolutely sure about the quality of the brand, avoid buying sex toys chargers without a warranty. Also make sure that the warranty document is signed and stamped, for ease of claiming in case the charger is faulty. This ensures that you preserve the lifespan of your sex toys.

    Don’t use the wrong charger for your precious sex toy. Browse through Peaches and Screams for high quality sex toy chargers and EU, UK and USA power adaptors. One of the most important aspects of vibrating sex toys is batteries. Enjoy longer-lasting pleasure with your vibrating cock ring, magic wand, anal vibrator and all other electronic sex toys to the fullest; choose the right charger here at Peaches and Screams. We understand different countries have different port plug standards. Don’t leave your toy behind when touring just because you don’t have a country adaptor. Buy power adaptors for your electronic sex toys from Peaches and Screams. Discreet packing and shipping on all items with utmost protection to your privacy.

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  • How to Buy Butterfly Vibrators and Vibrating Knickers

    A butterfly is a symbol of elegance, grace and beauty. In the same spirit, buttery vibrators designed for women are meant to give you nothing but elegance pleasure. While butterfly vibrators and vibrating knickers are not among the most popular sex toys in the market, they will spice up your day in a special way. Butterfly vibrators and knickers are designed for hands free pleasure during masturbation or sex with a partner. Butterfly vibrators also known as clitoral stimulators get their butterfly shape which covers the whole of your clitoral area. Some have an insertable G-spot stimulator such that you enjoy double intensified pleasure on your clitoris and vagina. The beauty of these fun toys is that they are wearable for a long time. You can wear your butterfly vibrators to the park or work and enjoy targeted stimulation all day long. Spice up your romance with buttery vibrators and knickers. Wear one to your date and handover the remote control to your partner. Let him decide how many times you make a poker face.

    Charming and sensational, butterfly vibrators and vibrating knickers are certainly a must have for every women. They are discreet and just sheer pleasure. However, like most sex toy categories, buying your first piece can be overwhelming. This guide is meant to help you purchase the right butterfly vibrators and vibrating knickers for ultimate pleasure.

    Points to consider when buying butterfly vibrators and vibrating knickers


    Size of the Panty

    Butterfly vibrators and vibrating kickers come in different sizes. you need to choose a size this well-fitting. You don’t want to end up with a size that is too loose that your vibrator falls off or too tight that it cutting through your skin. Choose supper stretch materials or get the butterfly vibrators with adjustable panties. This means you don’t have to purchase a new one every time you lose or gain weight.


    This depends on how you really want to use your buttery vibrators and vibrating knickers. If you are looking for a short time wear during masturbation or sex, you can get a bendable butterfly couples vibe with a vaginal, anal (if you are into this) and clit-massage will be amazing. However, if you are looking for a longer time wear, remote control vibrating panties with a wireless vibrating bullet tucked inside the panty secret pocket will be more ideal. There are also butterfly vibrators and vibrating knickers that are waterproof so you can enjoy erotic water thrills.

    Vibrating Speeds and Remote Control Range

    Once of the appeals of butterfly vibrators and knickers is the hands-free fun. Often, vibrating speeds will go up to 10 variations each giving you a unique experience.  But before set yourself up, it is advisable to try the vibrator on another less sensitive part of your body such your stomach or inner thigh to familiar your body with the vibrations. Also be sure to start with the lowest speed and gradually increase the speeds as your clitoris gets used to intense stimulations. The remote control range of operation also matter. For a home personal masturbation, the range has little impact because you will definitely be at close range with your vibrator. But if you plan to take your fun out or hand over the remote control to your partner, the a remote control that can operated up to 20 feet away will be amazing to juice this around. This gives your partner more room to be creative and get you twisting with pleasure as you cook dinner or while sitting across the hall with your pals.


    How to you your Buttery vibrators and vibrating knickers

    Women have the biological advantage of enjoy orgasms multiple times without losing their arousal. This means your fun with vibrating knickers and butterfly vibratos will be limitless.  

    Some people love using these toys for solo masturbation as it reduces the handy work needed to orgasm. Others love the idea of not being in control. As a couple, this is the most enjoyable way to experience you butterfly vibrator. Letting you partner leave you in suspense of when you will enjoy your next jolt of pleasure is exceptionally romantic by itself. The intensity and patterns of the vibrations can be changed instantly, so you really don’t know what to expect.

    You can also enjoy your butterfly vibrators and vibrating knickers as part of your foreplay as your partner stimulate your other erogenous spots will leave you numb with pleasure. If you choose materials that are bendable and contour to your body, you can even enjoy sex while wearing one to make the penetration even more intense. But remember to be gentle with your vagina and assume slow and tender movements to avoid overstimulation.

    As women, the clitoris is the most erogenous spot in our bodies. While penetration feels amazing, most women can achieve full orgasm just by stimulating the clitoris. It is the wonder of the body that makes women to sexually elegant. Enjoy a full clitoral massage and G-spot stimulation with high quality butterfly vibrators and vibrating knickers from Peaches and Screams. Wear your butterfly vibrators to work or the movies and enjoy erotic jolts of pleasure. Give your partner the power to pleasure you with couples vibrating knickers and butterfly vibrators from Peaches and Screams. We have a wide variety of butterfly vibrators and vibrating knickers, rabbit vibrators, ben wa balls all female goodies for your pleasure. Women are elegant and sexual beauties that are still exploring the wonders of their own bodies. Spice up your foreplay with a buttery vibrator designed for hands-free all-day play. Peaches and Screams offers discreet packaging and shipping services to your choose destination, making sure your sexual escapades remain your own. Buy all your bedroom essentials here and enjoy free deliver on all order over £50. Don’t forget to pick your favourite sex lubricates form our bedroom essentials category to make the ride as smooth and pleasurable as possible. You deserve the smoothest most pleasurable rides ever.

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  • How to Buy Bulk and Assorted Condoms

    Sometimes you know you want to spice things up by trying different kinds of condoms. You want to know which shapes, textures, sensations and flavours make up your personal favourites. Purchasing a single design at time might work for the first few time. But you will quickly realise it  is daunting and wallet denting to run to the store looking for new features every time you want to have sex. 

    Why not eliminate the hassle? Get bulk and assorted condoms. Purchasing one of these value packs will give you a mixed collection of condoms with different features such as sizes, textures, lubrications, sensations, and flavours in one package, and at very economical rates.

    But before purchasing bulking and assorted condoms, they are a few factors you need to consider to make sure you choose right. It would be disappointing to purchase a whole packet of condoms you can’t use.


    Factors to consider when Choosing Bulk and Assorted Condoms

    • Consider the available sizes

    This largely depends on how you intend to use the condoms. Most bulk and assorted condoms come in regular sizes. However some mix various sizes from small, medium, large and extra-large. If you are the only one using the condoms, measure yourself to know which sizes will fit you best. To measure your size, wrap a tape measure around the thickest part of your penis shaft when erect for girth and across the shaft, measuring from base to the tip for insertable length. Visit Peaches and Screams and choose the package with your closest sizes.

    If you plan to share your condoms, consider a size mixed package as different people have different girths.

    • Consider the Features

    Bulk and assorted condoms come in mixed features including textures, shapes and sensations to help you have an exploration with each. Some of the features you need to pay attention to are

    Shapes: different shapes are designed to enhance your pleasure by restricting or increasing the penis sensitivity. You will find straight tips, flared tips, teat-tips, reservoir tips and more. Some shapes pleasure you buy allowing penis movement while others are made a little firmer to tickle your partner gently with every thrust, making for a greater performance. The tip also holds the ejaculation thus, protect the condom from breakage.   

    Textures: some condoms are lined with dots, studs, ribs or a combination of two textures. These textures are strategically positioned across the condom shaft and are meant to increase sensitivity and sexual excitement for you and your partner.

    Flavoured: there will be different flavours from strawberry, banana, orange, banana, orange, vanilla, chocolate, and more.  If you have one recurring partner, let them help you choose what flavours they would like more. They will be the ones enjoying the treats anyway. Have a mix of both sugary and sugar-free flavours. Don’t use sugary flavoured condoms in the vagina; sugar tends to increase the risk of vaginal yeast infections.

    Coloured: various colours will add some glamour to your foreplay. Nowadays, condoms are made in all colours including red, pink, yellow, green, purple, neon and more.   Some are made to represent national colours of countries like England and America. Others have colour combinations to fit occasions such a valentine. Getting a combination of colours will help your unleash your playful side in the bedroom.

    Sensational: Some condoms are crafted to give you a warming, tingling or cooling sensation. Consider these increased sensations when choose features, they are simply ‘sensational’ during sex.

    Lubricants: you can choose lubricated or dry condoms. The lubricants are meant to reduce friction and breakage during sex. Some lubricants add some advantage to the condom. Some are coated with climax control lubricants which reducing penis sensitivity for a longer lasting erection. These delay ejaculation allowing you to thrust longer without worrying that you might cum before her.  Others are coated with spermicide to enhance pregnancy protection level.

    Just try them all until you and your partner know your personal favourites.

    • Consider the Materials

    Bulk and assorted condoms will usually come in different materials. Most bulk packs will include only one material across all the pieces while assorted packs may mix several materials. The most common material is latex. Latex may be a best choice especially if you want a regular size, and total protection against pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases. The downside of latex is that it can cause allergic reactions for people with sensitive skin.  If you have latex allergies, try condoms made from polyurethane and polyisoprene. For a real feel experience, consider lambskin. Note that lambskin is highly porous and does not protect your from STDs.

    • Consider the Different Strengths

    All condoms come in either regular strength or Extra- strong. Go for a combination of the two. Use Ulta-thin condoms for more real sensation during sex.  Try a thicker condom when you want a longer lasting erection and to provide more security during her ‘unsafe days’. Be sure to check the label for FDA-approved mark.

    • Pay Attention to the Expiry Date

    Condoms do deteriorate with time. Check the manufacture (MFG) and expiry (EXP) dates to make sure your package still has a life. Condoms used close or after expiration are more likely to break putting you in danger of unwanted pregnancy or STD.  You are buying in bulk which means you need a longer lifespan for you to comfortable consume all the pieces.

    Don’t be stressed over which condom to buy. Get bulk and assorted condoms from Peaches and Screams and revamp your erotic adventures. Our extensive Bedroom Essentials collection at Peaches and Screams has bulk and assorted condom packs designed to pleasure and challenge your bedroom creativity. We have everything in bulk from climax control condoms, textured condoms, flavoured condoms, coloured condoms and extra- safe condoms to assure not only your protection but also your pleasure in one dose. If you like mixing and matching several experiences, we stock assorted condoms with various sizes, pleasure-shaped, lubricated, flavoured, sensational and novelty condoms all in one value pack. Add to cart your personal favourites and those you hope to explore. Peaches and Screams guarantees you discretion in billing, package and shipping, never compromising on your privacy.

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  • How to Buy Ben Wa Balls And Jiggle Balls

    Ben Wa Balls and Jiggle Balls (AKA Love balls) have been used since medical times to strengthen the vaginal and pelvic floor muscles. However, they gained more popularity after the release of Broad city and 50 Shades darker movies. While they are considered for exercise, Ben wa Balls are perfect for enhancing sexual pleasure and improving orgasm. They are an excellent piece of masturbation and foreplay you didn’t know you were missing until you try them out. Insert the ball and stimulate your other erogenous spots as they rub against your G-spot with every twist and turn. You can even walk around the house or go to the grocery store to maximise your pleasures. Invite your partner for some jiggle balls fun. Let them help your insert them for you as part of foreplay and go out to the movies, the anticipation alone will get you burning with desire. Once you get home, pull them out tenderly and make intimate love for explosive orgasms. Or even leave them in and let your guy penetrate you slowly and tenderly through your vagina or anus, either way, the penis will push the balls further toward the G-stop giving you an intense G-massage that is earth-shattering. It will be a jiggle dance you will crave every single day.


    Factors to Consider when buying Ben Wa Balls and Jiggle Balls



    Ben Wa Balls and Jiggle Balls come in different sizes. As a beginner start with small ball that are attached and have a retrieving string. As you become more comfortable with the balls inside your vagina, you can move up to medium and large sized balls. It is also advisable to start with two balls, although there are sets with three or four balls attached. You can then increase or reduce the number as your get more familiar with the practice and learn a few sexual techniques to maximise your pleasure.


    Ben Wa Balls and Jiggle Balls are made from different materials including silicone, plastic, rubber, jelly, metal, glass and more. Here is a breakdown on the materials:

    Silicone- is hypoallergenic making it body safe for all skin types. It is also smooth and squishy and warms up to the body quickly making for a comfortable insertion. Being waterproof, silicone does not absorb lubes and vaginal fluids, meaning you can easily clean and sterilise by wiping with a sex toy cleaning solution or wash with hot soapy water. Silicone is also lightweight making for perfect beginner Ben Wa Balls and Jiggle Balls. The down side is that silicone is not compatible with silicone lubes, so you will be restricted to water-based lubes (which are mostly organic and extremely pleasurable). 

    Plastic- like silicone makes very lightweight balls, perfect for a prolonged wear. It is also waterproof making easy to clean and sterile. It is compatible with both silicone-based and water-based sex lubes. The downside is that plastic has been found to contain phthalates, which can be harmful when absorbed by the body. If using plastic Ben Wa Ball and Jingle Balls, make sure to be observant of any discolouration. Replace the balls when this happens.

    Rubber and jelly –are squishy and really comfortable for prolonged. It also has a soothing and lifelike texture that is extremely pleasurable. The downside is that these materials are highly porous and tend to absorb lubes and vaginal fluids into the toy making the cleaning process excessively daunting. If not cleaned properly, they can encourage bacterial growth putting you at risk of infections.

    Metal and Glass- are consider the most exotic materials in the sex toy industry. They are glossy and shimmering creating an aesthetic arousal but by rolling them on your hands. These materials are really easy to insert with minimum lubrication due to their extremely smooth surfaces. However, it is important to note that metal and glass Ben Wa Balls and Jiggle balls are heavy and best used once you are a-bit experienced. You might also feel the weight when walking, especially if you wear more than one ball. Just make sure to not overdo it.  Another Advantage of metal and glass is that they are waterproof making them easy to clean and sterilise.

    Consider between connected or Single Balls

    Ben Wa Balls and Jiggle Balls can be connected together with a silicone cord or come a pair with individual balls. The standard is two balls per set, though you might find them in threes or fours. As a beginner, you can start with sinlge balls and work your way up to two or more balls. Connected balls are best for beginners because they have an easier removal process. Once you push one out, you can use it as a handle to pull out the other balls. If the balls don’t have a removal loop, you can insert one ball and leave the other out to use as a removal loop. However, individual balls are also perfect for when you want to wear the balls for a couple of hours. You can choose those with a removal string or without, it all depends on your experience. But as a beginner, those with a removal loop are more recommended.

    How to Clean your Ben Wa Balls

    Proper hygiene is crucial when Ben Wa Balls and Jiggle Balls. If not properly cleaned and sterilized, these balls can introduce bacteria’s to your vagina putting you at risk of infection. Here is a simple procedure in how to clean your Ben Wa Balls and Jiggle Balls.

    1. Wash your balls in warm water with an antibacterial soap.
    2. Rinse them in warm water with an antibacterial solution, and then run them under a running tap to rinse of any excess soaps and lube residues.
    3. Pat them dry with a clean towel and leave them to air dry for at least two –three hours. This makes sure the balls are completely dry before you put them away to avoid moulding.
    4. Store them in a sanitized dry place to make sure they are not contaminated during storage.


    It is always advisable to choose hypoallergenic and non-porous materials when buying Ben Wa Balls and Jiggle Balls. The vagina is comprised of very sensitive tissues that can easily be infected if proper care and hygiene is not observed. Also be sure to thoroughly clean and sterilise you balls before and after every use. For hygiene and health purposes, avoid sharing your Ben Wa Balls and Jiggle Balls with your partner (for lesbian couples) and friends. Check out Peaches and Screams for wide variety of Ben Wa Balls and Jiggle balls. Order your Ben Wa Balls and Jiggle Balls here and explore an erotic world of ultimate pleasure.

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  • How to Buy Batteries for Sex Toys

    If you enjoy vibrators and powered motion dildos, you know the importance of high quality batteries for a longer lasting experience. There is nothing more frustrating than the batteries running out when you are at the verge of an orgasm. Investing in highly quality and reliable sex toy batteries is, therefore, essential to your pleasure. Different sex toys use different types of batteries. And while the market is flood with batteries, you need to know where to shop authentic batteries that will serve you without compromising your experience or the lifespan of your toy. It is also advisable that you only use the battery types recommended by the manufacturer as different batteries will vary in voltage and amperage produced. The batteries to use are normally listed on the user manual. If you don’t find them there, check the battery compartment for the diagram or series number imprinted on the casing. It can also be written on the battery compartment lid or on the toy card.

    Common Battery categories Used in Sex Toys

    C Batteries: These are large and powerful cylindrical batteries that power some demanding toys such as large vibrators and thrusting dildos.

    AA Batteries: These are smaller than the C batteries. They are similar to those found in TV remote controls and are used to power a wide range of sex toys such as wands, dildos, vibrators and more.

    AAA Batteries: These have a similar make as the AA batteries but are slimmer. They are used on battery-powered sex toy models that have slim compartments or where smaller sized devices are preferred.

    N batteries: These look like AA batteries, only they are shorter. They are commonly used on devices that need high power concentration in small space like bullet vibrators.

    R44 Series Batteries: These include a number of batteries like those used on wrist watches. They come in different brand names and sizes and are commonly used to power small battery-powered sex toys such as cock-rings, bullet vibrators and clit-massagers. If your toy uses small batteries, make sure to refer to your user manual to know which series number they you need. Peaches and Screams have a plethora of sex toy batteries to ensure you don’t of your power when you most need it.

    About Rechargeable Batteries

    While some sex toys use replaceable batteries, most are now available with rechargeable batteries. Before using rechargeable batteries, make sure your toy is compatible. Usually, rechargeable batteries are slightly bigger than regular batteries, meaning they can easily jam in your toy. They also produce lesser power as compared to regular batteries, which might not be ideal if you are looking for fierce action. However, they are excellent if you want cut down on battery cost or love traveling with your toys. Instead of packing several pairs of regular batteries when travelling, all you need is a charger and you are open to a wild of fun without worrying about running out of power.

    How to properly use and store your sex toy batteries

    • Always store batteries outside the toy to extend their life. This prevents the batteries from being drained if the toy is turned on accidently. Additionally, if water accidently enters your toy when washing, it can corrode the batteries due to the moisture, causing damage to both batteries and the toy. Also, alkaline batteries can leak when they are running low which could ruin your toy permanently.
    • Always make sure you store your batteries in a dry place and in a separate drawer from you sex toys. Moisture can cause batteries to corrode and leak which would stain or completely damage your toys.
    • When inserting the batteries to your toy, make sure the metal contact points of the toy are properly connected to the metal ends of the battery. This makes sure the toy is operating at maximum power and reduces any possible risk of short-circuiting.
    • To reduce chances of leakage, it might be worth investing in zinc chloride batteries (heavy weight batteries) which have a lower leakage rate. While they are more expensive than regular batteries, they will have a better chance at preserving your toy. However, be sure to remove them after use and store them in a cool dry place. Replace them when they are running low.
    • Be sure to dispose run-out batteries in an environmentally friendly way. Alkaline batteries contain lead and other chemicals which can contaminate water and land-grown food causing a health risk to others. Sex comes with some responsibilities, be sure to care.

    Battery-powered sex toys are amazing and exciting to play with. They not only reduce the handy work needed when masturbating or during foreplay, some such as vibrators can be used to stimulate and massage other erogenous zones for intensified pleasure. Don’t be disappointed by your cock ring or vibrator running out of power when your body is demanding action. Order high quality sex toy batteries here at Peaches and Screams and power yourself to ecstasy. Let you magic wand love you all the way to shattering orgasms. Peaches and Screams has a wide variety of sex toy batteries categories including AA,AAA, R44, 8C, 9V, D, C and more for your pleasure. Even when playing prolonged BDSM scenes, you don’t have to worry about losing your power. Get rechargeable batteries here at Peaches and Screams and pleasure your sub to total submission. Also check our range of battery- powered vibrators, cock rings, clit-massagers, magic wands, E-Slim butt plugs, thrusting dildos and more. Peaches and Screams will be delighted to ship all your items discreetly to your door, making sure your adventures are left to your own. Stamp your bedroom creativity with erotic massages and never stopping rumbling vibration with long-lasting quality batteries. We stock only the best to make sure your moments are exceptionally exciting! Free shipping on all orders over £50.

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